Extra parabonum non est vita, si est vita, non est ita.

The road so far

Cloud-based claim management and settlement solution for insurance companies and merchants. Gift and flower delivery webshop. Online food delivery service. Web-based quotation and production management system supporting agricultural mechanical engineering. Complex questionnaire management system serving domestic and international research. Water purifying system together with cloud-based remote control and surveillance services.

A mobile app establishes the connection between small producers, craftsmen, and their buyers. Agricultural decision supporter and cost register system. Global, online, virtual place of remembrance. Multinational web store of plastic ball manufacturer. Online streaming service. Online gallery and graphic print webshop.

Meal delivery mobile and web app. Unique reservation solution. Palinka festival mobile app. Cloud-based temperature registration service for pharmacies. International medicine sale management system. Subscription for drawing education system.

Mobile apps and web pages for AA groups. A webshop of American and Italian luxury watches. Booking appointments for a private consultation. Ice cream shop including scheduled production, stocking system, and online ice cream desk. Air conditioners wholesale website. Management system for dual training assisting applying process.

Remote language updater for original diagnostic equipment of Korean car factory. A vehicle tracking system with the capability of communicating CAN-bus. Bluetooth immobilizer and anti-hijack system. Greek restaurant website. Webpage for a multilingual, cross-border economic development project. Building engineering webshop.

An online system manages the selling of Floridian uniforms. An online discount management system for an American steak house network. Serving catering and handling online orders. Logistics system setups business of building skyscrapers through application and webpage. Website managing coupons and discounts. Managing the marketing of medical devices through a web-based corporate management system.

Parabonum Ltd.

Parabonum Ltd.

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